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Globalization Has Changed Over The World - 1416 Words

In the past few decades globalization has been rapidly intensifying, as nation states are being more and more interdependent towards one another culturally, politically and socially, the world has almost become a single network of complex relations between states. Although the definition of Globalization has varied and changed over the years and amongst theorist and scholars, globalization is nothing new, it has occurred since the dawn of time, rather its rate has intensified rapidly due to the advancement of technology. While Martin wolf interprets globalization as a â€Å"†¦journey, but toward an unreachable destination, the globalized world. A globalized economy in which neither distance nor national borders impede economic transactions. A world where the costs of transport and communication were zero and the barriers created by differing national jurisdictions had vanished† (Wolf, 2001: 178). An illustration of Wolfs summary for globalization could be interpreted thro ugh the European Union, in which assoicated states agree on the collective notion of democratic values and standards, its single currency Euro and its barrier free immigration policies make up the very essence of what Wolf is implying Globalization as. On the other hand, State Sovereignty is valued through the three fundamental ideas, ‘’absolute supremacy over internal affairs within its territory, absolute right to govern its people, and freedom from any external interference in the above matters† (Wang, 2004:Show MoreRelatedEssay Nations Should Promote Globalization, Not Localization1078 Words   |  5 PagesGlobalization and localization are two conflicting trends in international politics today. Globalization is the spread of peoples, activities, norms, ideas, goods, services, and currencies from one area of the world to another. (Rosenau 15) Localization is the narrowing of horizons and the confinement of peoples, activities, norms, ideas, goods, services, a nd currencies to a particular geographic area. (Rosenau 16) Globalization and localization affect the world’s countries in three main areas, politicsRead MoreGlobalization And Sexuality1247 Words   |  5 PagesGlobalization may be defined as the process of opening up for interactions and relationships between people of different countries around the world. The people from the world can easily interact with each other leading to influence in behaviors and characters. Sexuality refers to how people relate to sexual activities or perceive sexual matters. Sexuality may differ from one culture to the other, but the cultures are likely to influence each other’s sexual beliefs and orientation. Globalization hasRead MoreCompare and Contrast the Current Era of Globalization with the First Age of Globalization (1850s-1920s). What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization in Its Current Context?1720 Words   |  7 Pagescurrent era of globalization with the first a ge of globalization (1850s-1920s). What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization in its current context? Word count: 1530   Unit Coordinator: Dr Tony Ramsay I am going to contrast the current era of globalization with the first age of globalization in many different aspects, in the mean time analysis the merits and demerits of globalization in its current context. John and Kenneth (2012, p. 28) find that the concept of globalization means theRead MoreThe Effects Of Globalization On Multilingualism And I Propose Doing Multiple Case Studies1524 Words   |  7 Pagesan extent, ignores the way human behaviour today has affected our communication with one another. Since the end of the twentieth century, globalization changed the way people in the globalized countries are understood through language in ways that have both strengths and weaknesses. Languages have switched from being simply indicators of cultural background to being a commodity in the economic sphere. This reworking of the purpose of language has affected the growth of English worldwide and givenRead MoreGlobalization Has Changed the World in Different Way818 Words   |   4 PagesGlobalization has affected not only America but the whole world in an economic point of view. Thomas L. Friedman is one author that provides proof that globalization has improved economies such as lifestyle, business, shopping malls, and the vehicles we drive. Friedman defines globalization â€Å" as the inexorable integration of markets, transportation systems, and communication systems to a degree never witnessed before in a way that is enabling corporations, countries, and individual to reach aroundRead MoreThe Global Economy Has Changed Over Time953 Words   |  4 PagesThe global economy has been evolving over time; there are patterns that have emerged which indicate similarities and differences between the past and the present century. In this paper I will analyze how the global economy has changed and what contributed to those changes. During the 19th century the cost of transportation decreased as a result of innovation. Income per capita nearly doubled across all classes in America and in Europe during the gilded age (1870-1900). Advancements in technologyRead MoreEssay on Globalization: Sharing Our Prosperity With the World1388 Words   |  6 Pages Globalization is the growing interdependence of the worlds people that involves the integration of economies, technologies, and cultures (Bradshaw). It is described as the increased movement of people, knowledge and ideas, and goods and money across national borders that have led to the increased interconnectedness among the world. Globalization is often thought of in economic terms but as we know there are three major components implicated with this idea including: economics, politics, andRead MoreGlobalization Is A Positive Way Or Negative Way?1034 Words   |  5 Pages3rd Dec 2015 Essay on Has Globalization Changed Global Politics in a Positive Way or a Negative way Globalization- Positive or Negative Globalization is one of the 21st century’s most important politics topic. I have heard the term globalization in my economics lecture and in political debates. Some of my friends argued when I asked them if globalization is changed global politics in a positive way or negative way. Some of them argued saying that globalization is a positive developmentRead MoreThe Impact of Globalization on our Society Essay1445 Words   |  6 Pagescontemporary society respond to the legacies of historical globalization? In Romeo Dallaires writing, Shake Hands with the Devil, he discusses whether or not globalization has a positive impact on our society. I agree with Romeo DallaireRead MoreWe Must Be A Citizen Of A Community Essay1279 Words   |  6 PagesRecently there has been a large focus placed on events that occur all around the world. Civic concerns are no longer bounded to the land that one lives on. This brings up the idea of thinking globally while acting locally, which refers to when one’s thinking is not limited to what is directly in front of them. They understand that their actions have implications elsewhere. In order to fully comprehend what it means to think globally and act locally, one must first look at how globalization and hybridity

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Doré’s Engravings of Punishment of the Avaricious and the...

The artist Gustave Dorà © engraved the entire Divine Comedy in wood. One of these 136 engravings is Punishment of the Avaricious and the Prodigal. This piece is an accurate illustration of The Inferno’s Circle Four because it closely follows Dante’s description in the text, it is creative, and it is well illustrated. Dorà ©Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s depiction of Circle Four is accurate because it closely follows Dante’s description in the text. Dante and Virgil enter Circle Four. Dante notices that â€Å"Here the sinners were more numerous than elsewhere, and they, with great shouts, from opposite sides were shoving burdens forward with their chests† (Dante 7.25-27). In Dorà ©Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s illustration, the sinners push heavy weights around, and there appears to be a high consistency of people. From what the viewer can see of the sinners’ faces, they look like they are in pain and struggle. It is important that none of the sinners’ entire faces are exposed, as the text mentions that part of the punishment in Circle Four is that the sinners are rendered indistinguishable. Dante realizes that he cannot tell who any of the sinners are, and he asks Virgil why this is. Virgil responds: â€Å"The undiscerning life that made them foul now makes them hard to recognize† (Dante 7.53-54). Do rà ©Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s illustration precisely reproduces Dante’s imagined Circle Four as seen through his following of the text. Dorà ©Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s illustration of Circle Four is accurate because it is creative. In the illustration, the sinners push bags of money. Nowhere in

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Employability and Entrepreneurship Free Essays

string(172) " depending on the size of the organization and sector and also whether the focus is on selling a product, service or raising awareness of an issue that affects the public\." 1. INTRODUCTION Employability is the combination of factors and processes that enable people to progress towards or get into employment, to stay in employment and to move in the workplace. The purpose of this report is to discuss the opportunities I as a graduate go through after the completion of my degree, what the employers are looking for in an employee, as well as the role marketers or marketing related careers play in enterprises, then finally the knowledge, skills and attitude I have and hope to obtain. We will write a custom essay sample on Employability and Entrepreneurship or any similar topic only for you Order Now I have always wanted to work in the marketing sector so I have compiled analysis of six different companies, which consist of large-scale companies, small, and medium sized companies. I have used a mixture of analysis to compare various methods that can be used to start a career in the marketing sector and also be successful in the field. I have decided to work in the marketing sector because it provides many job opportunities such as personal selling, advertising, packaging, transport, product development and retailing. 2. OCCUPATIONAL RESEARCH This section of the report would examine the factual reflections of the findings from the occupation. 2.1 Terms of reference The purpose of this report is to look at the graduate opportunities in the UK marketing sector. Research will be made on six different organisations in this sector. The main aim is to show what has to be achieved and how to achieve it. 2.2 Methodology The methods used to approach this research were carried out through primary and secondary resources. The primary research was used to exchange e-mails with one of the staffs of Business Monitor International and PKF to clarify some issues. However most of the research done on this report was from information gathered online which is the secondary research such as graduate job websites like prospect, inside careers and also watching some videos on employability. The companies’ websites were used to get more information. The organizations used in this reportare Standard Life, Glaxo Smith Kline, Akzo nobel corporate, Business monitor international, PKF and Sanofi Aventis. 2.3 Main findings In marketing, there are variety of challenging and interesting job opportunities such as retailing, market research, personal selling and wholesaling. In addition from my findings, there are so many individuals who are employed in non-business organizations that are also engaged in marketing activities. The skills from marketing are used to promote civic, political, cultural and charitable activities, even if an individual earns a living through marketing activities or performs them without compensation in non-business settings, the knowledge and skills gained from marketing are valuable assets. Our highly complex economy relies heavily on marketing activities. The economy produces the profits that are necessary for the growth of individual businesses and also provide health and ultimate survival for the economy as a whole. In essence the general employment trend must be known. According to the survey by BBC, it claims that graduate unemployment rose by 25%. The higher education poli cy institute said in December 2008 the unemployment level rose from 11.9% to 25% among graduates aged under 24. It also said that 17.2% of male graduates were out of work compared with 11.2% of females as at the end of 2009. The report from the institute came a day after a research body had warned that unemployed graduate level could hit record levels as a result of planned public spending cuts. The Higher Education Career Service Unit (HECSU) said that because so many college leavers join the public sector, they were especially vulnerable to cuts. According to the guardian survey, it claims that the unemployment figures are set to rise by 22,000. However those leaving university during the summer face the most difficult job market in more than a decade. There are up to 22,000 more graduate whom are likely to be unemployed this year compared to last figures. The Higher Education Career Service Unit (HECSU) calculated at least one in 10 of this summer’s graduates would not be successful to find a job after six months they leave university, which is equivalent to about 35,000 and 40,000 graduates out of the 350,000 leaving UK universities after first degrees. There are many opportunities for marketing degree holders. There are lots of organisations that are recruiting graduates in marketing or marketing related occupations. According to the Witan Jardine growth statistics marketing opportunities have grown by 47% from last year and experienced growth of 5% over the last quarter. The opportunities in the marketing financial sector grew by 30%, which made an increase of 29% over the last quarter. The media sector roles in marketing for graduates increased by 25% year on year. The professional services marketing roles have soared by 77% compared to January 2006. (Ambition, 2009) Marketing is a very popular career for graduates. Last year, there were 17,000 students who graduated with degrees in marketing, and the research by the Marketing and Sales Standard Setting Body (MSSSB) claims that 580,000 people in the UK are employed in marketing roles. (Inside careers, 2011) There are important roles for graduates in the marketing sector in the future especially those who want to go into retailing. The retail sector is said to accounts for more than 10% of jobs in England. There were 2,777,000 people employed in the retail sector in 2002, the amount of people employed in the retail sector was predicted to rise to 2,869,000 in 2005 and continued growth forecast through to 2012. In 2012 it is predicted that over 250,000 new jobs are expected in this sector. However, there is going to be replacement demand whereby there will be need for new people to replace those leaving the sector is predicted to be five times this figure, with sales and customer service occupations alone needing almost half a million people to replace those leaving the sector (National Guidance Research Forum, 2010). As a marketing graduate your responsibilities can vary depending on the size of the organization and sector and also whether the focus is on selling a product, service or ra ising awareness of an issue that affects the public. You read "Employability and Entrepreneurship" in category "Essay examples" A recent marketing degree holder can play roles in organization such as liaising and networking with wide range of stakeholders like colleagues, customers, partner organizations and suppliers. One could also communicate with his target audience and also managing their customers’ relationships. One can also generate advertising opportunities and placing adverts in the press locally, regional, national and specialist publications or on the radio, depending on the organization and the campaign. As a marketing degree holder, one could ensure there is effective distribution of marketing materials, and also maintain and update customer database. One could also attend and organize events such as seminars, conference, exhibition and receptions. Marketing graduate could organize marketing research such as creating customer questionnaire, focus groups and also contributing to the development of marketing plans and strategies (Prospects, 2009). These jobs are advertised in newspapers and magazines such as marketing week, they can also be found online in job search sites like prospects, graduate-jobs, inside careers etc. Based on the research done on the organisations, there are some key skills, knowledge and experience expected from a marketing graduate. These organisations are looking for people that are highly organized and proactive, with the ability to do different tasks simultaneously to meet deadlines. They are interested in people with the ability to work both independently and in a team environment. A core skill expected is ability to interact and maintain beneficial relationships with other teams across the business. High level of competency in Microsoft office, particularly excel is expected. They also search for people with good skills in leadership with ability to influence without authority in a matrix environment. They are a lso interested in people who have excellent written and verbal communication skills and also those that can speak good English. As a marketing graduate a lot is expected, only in very exceptional circumstances that organisations accept application from people who don’t meet their academic requirements. This means that the applicant has to provide strong justification for why the organisation should accept him/her. The minimum academic criteria expected by their organisations are minimum of at least 280 UCAS points with a first class or 2:1 degree. The selection process is done step by step. It is a chance for the graduate to show the organisation what they are made of and that they have the skills required. The first step is to fill in an online application form. This gives you the chance to tell the organisation a bit about yourself and also include your CV and cover letter. The second step is to take an online verbal and numerical reasoning test. The third step is a telephone interview to discuss your understanding of the role you have applied for. The forth step is to attend an assessment centre to meet members of the organisation. The fifth step is to receive an offer. 3. PERSONAL REFELCTION In this section of the report, I am going to reflect upon and evaluate my current skills, knowledge and experience in relation to the ones required by the organisation I have researched on. 3.1 Personal analysis During the course of my study, I developed some key skills such as working both independently and also as a group. I worked as a group in my coursework that enabled me to play roles like encouraging the group when motivation is low. During my research, I identified that I need good leadership skills. These leadership skills have been achieved as a group leader in university coursework that also enabled mi to take responsibility for the direction and action of the group. I have developed my interpersonal skills, I have also developed skills to be able to use my own initiative as well as problem solving skills. I strongly believe with my academic achievement, skills and experience, I definitely have a career in marketing. 3.2 CV Covering letter My CV and covering letter are addressed to Business monitor international. See appendix 3.3 Gap analysis Gap analysis is the space between where we are and where we want to be. I have developed some skills that I am confident in. I am confident in my team working skills. I have good interpersonal skills especially in the way I carry myself. In general I have most of the skills these organisations are looking for. However, there are some areas that I really need to focus my personal development like my presentation skills; I lack the confidence to speak in public. I also lack a little bit of computing skills such as using Microsoft office excel. I intend on improving the skills that I am weak at by going for public speaking programmes and career fares to improve on my confidence level. I also plan on using self guide on how to use Microsoft excel to improve on my computing skills. 3.4 Career action plan See appendix 6.3 page 11 4. CONCLUSION In conclusion, this research has given me wide range of knowledge about the recent employment trends for graduates in the marketing sector and also more knowledge about different roles and skills required. While I was doing this report, it helped me realise what knowledge and skills I have now. In general, my career action plan would also help me as a guideline to enable me meet my goals. 5. REFERENCES AND BIBILIOGRAPHY Akzo Nobel (2010) What do we look forAvailable at [Accessed 15th march 2011] Ambition (2008) Marketing Sales Recruitment Trends, Available at [Accessed 19th march 2011] BBC (2010) Graduate unemployment rate rises 25%, Available at [Accessed 20th march 2011] Business Monitor International (2011) Employment listing, Available at [Accessed 14th march 2011] Glaxo Smith Kline (2010) Experienced hires: search and apply, Available at [Accessed 15th march 2011] Inside career (2011) skills required for marketing, Available at!opendocument [Accessed 20th march 2011] National Guidance Research Forum (2010) LMI future trends, Available at [Accessed 20th march 2011] PKF accountants and business advisers (2010) The PKF experience, Available at [Accessed 15th march 2011] Prospects (2009). Marketing executive: Job description and activities, Available at [Accessed 22nd march Sanofi Aventis (2010). Job Details, Available at,2221122152key=12073363c=865256627269pagestamp=sewfxdjbvkssyzdycm [Accessed 22nd march 2011] Standard life (2011) sales and marketing, Available at [Accessed 15th march 2011] The guardian (2009) Graduate unemployment figures set to rise by 22,000, Available at [Accessed 20th march 2011] How to cite Employability and Entrepreneurship, Essay examples

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Traditional Markets and Digital Markets Essay Example

Traditional Markets and Digital Markets Essay 1. Definition on Traditional Markets and Digital Markets4 A. What is Traditional Markets? 5 B. What is Digital Markets? 5 2. Advantages of Traditional Markets6 3. Disadvantages of Traditional Markets7 4. Advantages of Digital Markets8 5. Disadvantages of Digital Markets9 6. Conclusion10 7. References11 Compare and contrast traditional markets with digital markets Definition of Traditional Markets and Digital Markets Traditional markets : Traditional market is a physical market brings buyers and sellers together in the same location and a medium that allows buyers and sellers of a specific good or service to interact in order to make an exchange. It is a product-based and formal. This kind of market is traditionally operating, and countless such markets are still in operation around the whole world. Digital markets : Digital market is a market that do not have a physical operation between the process of buying and selling otherwise using the non-physical markets ( internet or electronic markets) In digital markets, buyers can purchase goods and services through virtual market. In digital market, the buyers and sellers do not meet or interact physically, but the transaction process is done through internet. Examples- eBay , air tickets. What is Traditional Markets We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional Markets and Digital Markets specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional Markets and Digital Markets specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional Markets and Digital Markets specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Traditional markets are physical retail markets, and can be local markets or shopping centers and shopping malls, labor markets, international currency and commodity markets, stock markets, for the exchange of shares in corporations, illegal markets such as the market for illicit drugs, arms or pirated products. Traditional markets are preferred by most people because it provide the functions of touch, feel, visual, and more reliable. For example, importing a car from oversea buyers may like to see whether it has ny invisible damages or conditions though car sales centers( traditional market) allows to test drive and check until satisfied. Traditional market is simple, in exchanging the goods and service with money or goods and service in physically, two parties will be meet or connect physically ( including telephone and emails), the main fact is that two parties interact about the deals physically. What is Digital Markets Digital markets is deviate from the physical market with usi ng non-physical medium like internet. Digital market is start blooming when the information technology become more advanced and secure. Electronic markets make people more easier, save time and money( eg. transportation cost). But it still has a disadvantages like fraud, unseen, spam which can be effect to the trust of buyers and sellers. Digital market is based on the electronic markets like websites, virtual markets and auctions. Participants needs to have a general knowledge of computer to use well and avoid any incidents, are basically posted about goods and services with picture or sounds followed by price and it is seem similar to put a goods into a shelf in the market. Purchaser will made a payment using online transaction or notes. Advantages of Traditional Markets  ¬The advantages of traditional markets are- Physical: Traditional markets have a physical on the goods and service which can easily seen by the purchasers and persuade. This enable the business to be easily identify by customers. It also helps in building trust with customers by having a physical shop. Trust and user resistance: Consumers do not usually trust an faceless seller which they do not know but traditional markets allow consumers to interact with seller like bargain, choosing and checking the products. Product contact: Traditional markets allows consumers to touch and feel physically, sometime customers like to touch items such as clothes and like to know exactly what they are buying. Social : Participants can be feel and fulfill their psychological needs like shopping with sightseeing, enjoying the environment, socializing with people at market. Relationships: Usually worked for some time, traditional retailers have that asset that often cannot be bought like relationships between purchaser and seller. Many online retailers have to build these relationships from scratch nd may never be able to match those of the traditional markets Disadvantages of Traditional Markets The advantages of traditional markets are- More Cost: There will be more extra cost depends on the numbers of stuffs that involved to do the work. And that cost will be added to the basic selling price of the goods and service. As the salaries, renting costs, and expense are getting high, it can be a challenge for th e traditional market to run in long-term. Less choices: This can be problem because it may not have all the goods and services that needed by consumer in one place. Or may be out of stock. Inconvenience: It will be about the opening hours, size of the market, etc. Example, one want to shop and buy closely in the shop which is only open in his/her working hour, it will become a barrier. And for disable person shopping around big markets and shopping centers is totally difficult. Offer only in specific place: If the one who is far away from the market wants to shop and buy, this will be a loss for market because he/she cannot make a purchase. Advantages of Digital Markets The advantages of digital markets are- Easy to access: Internet/ websites can be available anywhere, work, home, etc. It enhance the convenience and reduce the shopping cost. Reduced Cost: Significantly cuts down the cost associated with marketing, customer care, processing, information storage and inventory management. Electronic commerce reduces the burden of infrastructure of businesses like physical store setups and raises the amount of funds available for profitable investment Effective: Gives the customers the opportunity to look for cheaper and quality products, consumers can easily research on a product and find out the original manufacturer to purchase a product at a much cheaper price than that charged by the wholesaler. More choices: Online commerce also offers buyers a wider range of products and services to choose from, as opposed to conventional shopping, without the carrying around heavy shopping bags and getting stuck in traffic jams, which likely to be more convenient and time-saving. Reviews: People also reviews posted by other customers, about the products purchased from a particular e-commerce site, which can help make purchasing decisions. Disadvantages of Digital Markets Security : There are many fraud and spam at internet. Many of visitors will not want to use their credit card to make a purchase. The fear of having credit card info stolen is a clear and present danger in the minds of visitors. No product contact: it is not suitable for goods like food items. People may prefer to shop in the old way than to use e-commerce for purchasing food products and other products that need to be felt and touched before purchasing. Returning: Returning the product and getting a refund can be even more difficult and time-consuming than traditional market, in case consumers are not satisfied with a purchased product. Lack of trust: People will not feels secure to make a purchase from a dealer who is faceless, unknown identity, no evidence. Internet is not fully used by all people in the world: Internet has still not touched the lives of a great number of people, either due to the lack of knowledge or trust. Conclusion Overall, Traditional and Digital Markets both have their advantages and disadvantages. All of these markets still use all over the world. And in these days, people are getting used to internet to make their purchases which benefit in saving time by avoid going to the store. Advantages of e-commerce have the potential to be more in the disadvantages. A proper strategy to solve the technical issues and to build customers trust in the system can change the present problems and help digital markets adapt to the changing needs of the world. References Blackwell, J. (2007) Overview of Traditional Marketing. [online] Available at: http://ezinearticles. com/? Overview-of-Traditional-Marketing=3741281236 [Accessed: 27 Feb 2013]. Econsultancy (2013) Future of Digital Marketing. [online] Available at: http://econsultancy. om/my/events/fodmdk [Accessed: 27 Feb 2013]. En. wikipedia. org (n. d. ) Market Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [online] Available at: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Market [Accessed: 27 Feb 2013]. En. wikipedia. org (2009) Digital marketing Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [online] Available at: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Digital_marketing [Accessed: 27 Feb 2013]. Jcizzo. com (n. d. ) Traditional Commerce. [online] Available at: http:// jcizzo. com/the-traditional-commerce. html [Accessed: 27 Feb 2013].

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Adventure Trek A Partnership Of Three Persons Tourism Essay Example

Adventure Trek A Partnership Of Three Persons Tourism Essay Example Adventure Trek A Partnership Of Three Persons Tourism Essay Adventure Trek A Partnership Of Three Persons Tourism Essay Adventure Trek a partnership of three individuals, will be a young person summer cantonment in Malaysia. The cantonment is designed entirely for kids and teens between the ages of 10 and 17 old ages old. The focal point is merely be on holding merriment but besides on assisting childs to larn about the importances of populating a healthy active life style every bit good as aid in the development of kids and teens by supplying an environmentally friendly environment in which the kids can farther develop their outdoor accomplishments. Adventure Trek is non your traditional weight loss cantonment because it combines the attempts to acquire immature people active together with fun developmental activities to promote childs to appreciate the value of acquiring back to the out-of-doorss for merriment. It is surprisingly fun yet effectual. The cantonment will be located on the West side of Malaysia in a town called Port Dickson which boasts 18km s of white flaxen beach. At the cantonment childs can bask a broad assortment of interesting activities from out-of-doorss to indoors for illustration snorkelling, stone mounting, obstruction class, jungle trekking, swimming/ H2O athleticss, gym, dance categories ( These will be farther discussed in 2.3 ) . Each kid is given the chance to seek out new, merriment and adventuresome activities which will assist them accomplish the end of acquiring physically active and cultivating engagement of squad edifice. The operating hours and yearss of the cantonment will be all twelvemonth unit of ammunition except the month of Ramadan in August and September. During this clip it will be the camp staff s vacation and the cantonment will be closed for an one-year deferral. In Malaya it is slightly different when it comes to school vacations as there are no long summer vacation for the public schools. There are a sum of 78 yearss vacation throughout the twelvemonth ( Ministry of instruction, 2010 ) The cantonment evidences will include installations such as a immense athleticss field suiting assorted activities, a 25m swimming pool and an outside paintball sphere. A monolithic diversion hall will be the common country, which will house the kitchen and eating country, staff offices including the ill bay, public country lavatories every bit good as a phase country for activities such as dance categories or executing humanistic disciplines. A mounting wall, obstruction class, and a tree swing can besides be found on the cantonment evidences. The Camp will besides be run in an environmentally sound and responsible mode ( Further information is found in 2.2 product/ services ) . Rationale for development of the concern Malayan society has changed alot over the past few decennaries every bit good as Malaysia is besides going more urbanized which necessarily brings about assorted signifiers of population alterations. Such alterations are besides related to the alterations in the Malaysians wellness. One noticeable alteration is in the diet of the Malaysian population which has become more and more like that of Westerners which has resulted in higher rates of overweight/ fleshiness which contributes to the many diseases ( bosom A ; circulative disease, diabetes etc. ) which they suffer from ( Lit, 2010 ) . When reading the newspapers there are now more articles on overweight/ fleshiness and the increasing wellness tendencies to assist contend this issue. A recent statement made by the Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that fleshiness is going the major wellness issue with the figure of corpulent people about trebling in the past 15 old ages from four per cent in 1996 to 14 per cent in 2010 ( Simon, 2010 ) . This includes childhood fleshiness which is already an epidemic in Malaysia, with a study ( after a big graduated table survey was conducted in 2000 ) of 11 % of kids between the ages of six and twelve were fleshy and 6 % were corpulent ( Chin, 2007 ) . It is no secret that Malaysia is good known for its broad assortment of nutrients and the fact that Malaysians love their nutrient ; nevertheless unhealthy picks are frequently made due to clip restraints or convenience. Children are exposed to fast nutrients and influenced by their seniors eating wonts, alternatively of proper place cooked alimentary repasts they are given a diet of unhealthy and high degrees of proteins, fat, sugar and salt every bit good as they are non encouraged to make regular exercising ( Lit, 2010 ) The Governments engagement in advancing a healthy life style to Malaysians could be an advantage to this concern because it could ship on the promotional run or be a signifier of support to the Government. Therefore from the above research it is apparent that such an constitution will assist contend the lifting conflict against child fleshiness in Malaysia and contribute to the universe broad thrust against it. This young person cantonment will be both educational and good to assisting cut down the hazard of fleshiness through physical activity and sound nutrition every bit good as conveying something new to Malaysians. Product/ Service Description Adventure Trek will be able to suit 100 campers ab initio nevertheless this figure will turn as the cantonment does, the same goes for the figure of activities as clip goes on the cantonment will go on to spread out and add more and more activities. First the cantonment is for childs and teens between the ages of 8 and 17 old ages old, due to the noticeable fleshiness addition in kids and teens between these ages ( Ismail A ; Vickneswary, 1999 ; Ismail A ; Tan, 1998 cited in Sidik A ; Ahmad, 2004, pg 2 ) . The cantonment will run during all the school vacations for a longer stay and so weekends it will suit those who are interested in shorter corsets. When it is non holiday season, the cantonment will still be unfastened and schools will be invited to fall in in the merriment as portion of their school Tourss, this will busy the hebdomad yearss or weekends. As antecedently mentioned the cantonment is closed during the Ramadan fasting month which takes topographic point during the month of August to September each twelvemonth. The adjustment at Adventure Trek will be long houses for campers ; these are Malayan traditional houses which will be divided for misss and male childs individually, and including the bathrooms. The houses will hold electric mercantile establishments, storage infinite every bit good as bunk beds for kiping which assistance in maximizing the usage of infinite, nevertheless kids are to convey their ain bedclothes and towels. Each long house will suit up to a upper limit of 25 campers every bit good as infinite for one counselor to oversee at dark. Meals at the cantonment will be good balanced and alimentary and the bill of fare will be designed by a qualified dietician who is employed on a portion clip footing to revise bill of fare programs and look into on readyings. The cantonment accommodates specific dietetic demands every bit good as vegetarians and all repasts will be Halaal ( Refer to Appendix XX for a sample bill of fare ) At Adventure Trek there is no clip for ennui because there are a figure of activities of all sorts to maintain campers happy and active. First the land activities will include the undermentioned. An obstruction class which includes a mounting wall, this activity is a great manner of acquiring campers active and develops squad work and spirit. Campers, depending on the size, will be grouped with a counselor and each group will vie against each other. Jungle trekking another good signifier of physical activity which besides gets campers involved in nature and appreciate their milieus. There is besides a gym for campers to utilize and during the stay, little groups will be assigned a specific clip to travel in and utilize the gym for 20 30 proceedingss. Whilst one group is at gym the others will fall in in the dance classes or take portion in field games like association football or rugger. During the vacation periods when campers will normally remain for longer periods and if possible the cantonment will seek invite guest talkers to give a short but motivational and educational addresss to the campers and hopefully this AIDSs in advancing healthier lifestyles.. The immense pool is non merely for chilling off but games like H2O Polo can be played. The beach activities will include, cricket, fusillade ball, sand palace competitions. Sea athleticss such as organic structure surfing or boogie embarkation, swimming or snorkelling will be enjoyed by campers when traveling to the beach. Night activities will be kept to a minimum as the yearss are long and filled with really physically active activities therefore campers need their remainder at dark. However there will be some activities at dark such as a cantonment fire dark or BBQ portion darks, hoarded wealth and scavenger Hunts, play skits where groups are assigned a subject and they need to execute a drama based on that subject. These activities are more focussed on squad work and let campers to acquire to cognize each other better and mingle. There is a good mix of land, H2O and escapade activities for all campers to bask and profit from every twenty-four hours all twenty-four hours. Campers are divided into groups upon reaching and assigned two cantonment counselors ( male A ; Female ) who are with them from their reaching to their going, they portion take in activities and slumber in the several cabin to oversee campers. ( Refer to appendix XXX for a typical twenty-four hours at Adventure Trek for campers ) Designation of Market Niche The mark markets for the cantonment are kids and teens from the ages of 8-17.This is because there has been a noticeable fleshiness addition in kids between the ages of 7-10 and 13-17 old ages old and great focal point has been place on turn toing the issue of child fleshiness ( Ismail A ; Vickneswary, 1999 ; Ismail A ; Tan, 1998 cited in Sidik A ; Ahmad, 2004, pg 2 ) . The cantonment will be located on the West of Malaysia in Port Dickson but unfastened to the whole of Malaysia every bit good as neighboring states, aiming largely those urban and suburban countries. By looking at the age construction of the population in Appendix XXX statistics, we know that the bulk of population is between 15 to 64 old ages and there is a good per centum of 15 old ages and below ( to supply ages 10-15years old ) . Thus my cantonment will aim the ages 8 until 17 old ages old as it is a young person cantonment with the purpose to assist cut down kid and adolescent fleshiness. The cantonment will a im those kids and teens of center to upper category households who have more of a disbursement power including that of exiles shacking in Malaysia who have kids and teens and it is normally those kids from the urban countries who are exposed to such bad eating wonts ( Lit, 2010 ) . Mission Statement At Adventure Camp the mission is to supply a merriment, safe and adventuresome environment for campers to acquire physically active every bit good as better on ego development. It is besides our mission to be known as the best young person cantonment in Asia. This will be made possible with the friendly, enthusiastic and difficult working staff employed, every bit good as the greatly designed day-to-day activity agendas. The tag line for Adventure Camp will be: Where the escapade begins and the merriment neer stops! Market Environment Environmental Scan It is of import to make an environmental scan in order to place all the factors that might impact the constitution of Adventure Trek as they will convey about either chances or menaces. The usage of PESTEL is the most common tool for measuring the macro environment ( Johnson et al. , 2008 ) . ( Refer to appendices XXX for farther inside informations ) SWOT Analysis SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: First there is no other cantonment like this in Malaysia and so it has the strength that it has no direct competition. There is a clear market niche and based on the demographics the figure of kids aged 15years and below make up 27.2 % of the population and there is a good birth rate in Malaysia ( index mundi, 2010 and Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2010 ) . Partnership which includes one proprietor with a Degree in Hospitality Industry Management, has knowledge in Events and PR industry every bit good as a Certified TESOL English Language Teacher, other two proprietors have concern accomplishments and old ages of working experience. Equally good as a partnership allows for a easier set up every bit good as it increases the sum of capital and spreads the work burden. Failings: The cost to put up the cantonment is high. Environmentalism and its restraints. Opportunities: Health related field has a possible due to the societal economic alterations in Malaysia.Today s people are going more wellness witting therefore a turning wellness sector. Will raise the consciousness of fleshiness and hopefully derive the Governments support. Recovery in the economic system. Low cost of local labor and unemployment rate at 5 % Partnership allows for enlargement and the figure of spouses are limitless. Menaces: First clip concern proprietor ( myself Bronwyn ) therefore a deficiency of concern accomplishments or experience. Children over the age of 16 may desire to travel to a gym instead than go to a fat loss cantonment and the ignorance of people believing that fleshiness is non a critical issue or parents experiencing ashamed that their kids are corpulent therefore non directing them to the cantonment. Adventure touristry, Theme or H2O Parkss pose as competition. Turning fast-food industry, which influence and encourages kids to eat unhealthily. The states GDP growing and the planetary menace of recession. Marketing Aims Adventure Trek aims to accomplish a interruption even net income within XX old ages. Aim to hold XXX campers in the first twelvemonth. 75 % of Campers should be satisfied with their cantonment experience and at least 40 % will return. Increase the consciousness of fleshiness amongst kids and teens by 80 % in one twelvemonth. Be one of the top three picks amongst kids and teens for physical activity besides school and extracurricular activities. Marketing Mix Strategy The generic scheme to be used for the cantonment is a distinction scheme without monetary value premium, which provides merchandises or services that offer benefits different from rivals and are widely valued by purchasers ( Johnson et al. , 2008 pg 225 A ; 229 ) . Merchandise Adventure Trek is a young person cantonment which caters to kids from 10-17 year old, with a figure of physical outdoor and indoor activities. Its characteristics include stay over s for campers supplying comfy adjustment, bathrooms, alimentary repasts and many merriment and physical activities. The advantage is that it is a convenient manner for childs to acquire physically active every bit good as assist them to larn to populate a healthier lifestyle all in one topographic point. It enables them to do new friends and larn how to farther develop themselves and larn how to take portion in squad edifice activities. The benefit of go toing this cantonment is that it is fun and effectual every bit good as a good bonding experience for kids that leaves them experiencing good all unit of ammunition and encourages a healthier life style and better interaction. This is non your regular childs cantonment or merriment park because it is a topographic point where kids non merely have fun but l arn how to develop themselves through the different challenging and educational activities which enable them to larn more about themselves, forcing their bounds and interacting together with many other kids from all walks of life, Therefore it is clear Adventure Camp sets itself apart from any possible rivals. Monetary value Not certain yet as financials are confounding me! Promotion Purposes: To do 50 % of the parents and their kids in and around Port Dickson aware of the cantonment Make each visit a memorable one. Educate and instil a healthier lifestyle determinations in kids and teens, promoting them to portion take in at least 1 physical activity per twenty-four hours. Encourage at least 25 % of campers to return. Communication Channelss: In order to accomplish the promotional aims the undermentioned mix of promotional tools will be used. ( Refer to 2.5 for the promotional tactics and programmes ) Advertising- Newspapers, Magazines, circulars. Website Place/ Distribution Adventure Trek will be located in Port Dickson, a big municipality with about 90 000 occupants which is situated an hr from Kuala Lumpur. It is a celebrated and beautiful tourer finish particularly for the environing metropoliss to get away to on weekends due to the 18km stretch of white flaxen beaches ( Wikipedia, 2010 ) . This is the perfect location which is cardinal to the capital Kuala Lumpur where a big part of the targeted markets will come from every bit good as neighboring are Malacca and Penang, and so it is easy for kids to go to the cantonment whether it be for holidaies or weekends. Port Dickson besides provides a save and clean beach for some of the activities offered at Adventure Trek therefore doing it a desirable location. There are no distribution channels because Adventure Trek is a physical location where kids come to us to bask our services, nevertheless the web site will be available to do engagements and acquire an expression at what the cantonment has to offer . Peoples At Adventure Trek it is indispensable to hold the right people, with the right experience at the right topographic point and the right clip because without them the cantonment would non be successful. Camp counselors need to be enthusiastic, vivacious and surpassing with a acute involvement in physical activity both indoor and out-of-door including swimming. In order to obtain such a dynamic squad the Human Resource section demands to first set up the company s policies and processs in line with the missions statement. Items such as frock codifications, work environment, the civilization etc should be established. Then the organisations benefits construction and program should be created followed by placing the figure of staff needed. Once this figure is decided on, a enlisting program needs to be created every bit good as implemented and carried through to choice, merely so can an effectual preparation process take topographic point ( eHow, 2010 ) . ( More on the HRM can be found i n the subdivision 3.0 ) Procedure The service at Adventure Trek will be standardised. More information can be found in subdivision 4.4 and 4.5. Physical The cantonments physical environment: Decoration The focal point is non on how the environment looks more on the activities but to guarantee campers feel comfy in their milieus therefore the cantonments decor will be kept simple and the usage of bright happy colors on and in the chief edifice. The cabins will stay reliable with no pigment added to keep that existent log cabin feel. There will besides be alot of natural exuberant verdure around the cantonment adding coloring material to the cantonment. Furniture Furniture at the cantonment will besides be kept simple yet comfy. Inside the cabins wooden sand traps will be for the campers to kip on every bit good as some storage infinite for them to maintain their properties. The canteen country for feeding will be furnished with normal trestle tabular arraies with stackable chairs, this manner they can be multipurpose and moved about every bit good as easy to clean and keep. Positioning Statement Adventure Trek offers a alone service that is fun yet effectual and neer done earlier in Malaysia, targeted to kids and teens ages 10-17 old ages old that are non really active or have a weight job or merely childs looking to hold merriment. 2.5 Tacticss and Programs Given that Adventure Trek is a new concern the usage of a assortment of promotional and communicating tools would be the best option in order to accomplish the selling aims. Methods: Ad will be the chief promotional tool used on an on-going footing in order to inform, persuade and remind clients from the start and as clip base on ballss. First in order to present and inform the mark market about the constitution of the cantonment circulars will be printed and distributed a month before the gap of the cantonment. These circulars will include information such as what is Adventure Trek, the location, clip, and how to register every bit good as, mentioning those interested to the chief web site every bit good as a contact. These circulars will be sent to some of the schools in Port Dickson every bit good as distribute in shopping promenades in Port Dickson, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, and Penang on weekends during peak times. The circulars will besides be converted into postings which are larger and these will be sent to schools in Port Dickson, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, aiming chiefly the international schools which are made up of a mix of Malayan including aliens. A 2nd batch of circulars will be made up one time the cantonment opens and these will once more be distributed in the assorted towns shopping promenades. A intelligence release will be in the paper prior to the gap, with periodical advertizements placed in the newspapers. ( See appendix XX for farther item on timing ) . A comprehensive web site will besides be up and running prior to opening and from so on available 365days a twelvemonth 24/7. We will besides advance our service to the Ministry of Health and hopefully they can hold infirmaries and specializers refer kids and teens to us who are enduring from weight/ fleshiness related jobs. Selling Budget The entire selling budget is estimated at RM xxxx per twelvemonth. ( Refer to appendices xxx for a full interruption down ) Management Plan Business Structure Adventure Trek will be a partnership which is when two or more persons join together and make up ones mind to unite capital and work. The spouses are all joint proprietors of the concern and therefore portion the net incomes every bit good as hazards ( inverstorwords, 2010 ) . In the instance of Adventure Trek there will be three spouses every bit joined to get downing up and running the concern. This will assist with distributing non merely the hazard but every bit good as the work burden and increase the sum of capital invested. Management Structure, Function and Rational Initially the squad at Adventure Trek will be little nevertheless a diverse clump who are capable of executing multiple undertakings. For a full account of the administration including a chart please refer to Appendices XXX. Forces and Remuneration Policies As described in subdivision 2.4 under people, Adventure Trek will hold a policy and processs manual for all staff members that will clearly sketch the companies civilization, the work environment, the hours of work, frock codification, benefits, regulations and ordinances. Adventure Trek is a merriment and adventuresome environment which incorporates a multicultural work force from all walks of life. The on the job hours are long nevertheless it is a honoring occupation for those who are truly committed to their function. The employment process at Adventure Trek begins with placing the staff needs at the cantonment. Once these are determined a recruitment process will take topographic point get downing with occupation posters in newspapers and on the web site every bit good as headhunting. Once an equal figure of appliers are received the questioning procedure can take topographic point which is carried out by the three directors followed by the choice procedure. Campaigners need to run into the making specified in the occupation stations. After the choice procedure counselors will undergo a four twenty-four hours intensive preparation class which will fit them with the necessary accomplishments to execute good at the cantonment. Staff are continuously monitored and assessed each twelvemonth on their public presentation. Sing the benefits for employees, Adventure Trek has fixed monthly wages for staff members. They besides receive benefits such as repasts provided ; counselors are provided adjustment whilst on responsibility. ( Refer to appendix XX for a dislocation of wages ) . Creditor A ; debitor policies with clear principle Operationss Plan Location Adventure Trek will be located in Port Dickson a beautiful attractive force merely outside of Kuala Lumpur. It has an 18km stretch of white sandy beach which makes it the ideal topographic point for the cantonment ( mention to Appendix XX for the location Map and land ) . The lease is estimated at RM15, 000 per month for a 2.5 acre piece of land located on the beach. The land is located on Jalan Pantai, Mukim Pasir Panjang, Negeri Sembilan. Equipment Needed Adventure Trek has a high initial start up cost and equipment costs. The entire cost of equipment for the full cantonment is estimated at RM80,000 and the building costs at RM220,000.For a complete list of equipments and building costs please mention to appendix Thirty Standard Operational Procedures Key point of services for phone calls or walk in s: The phone should merely pealing a upper limit of three times before being answered and walk in clients should be attended to instantly before being ask to take a place. Customers are to be asked how they can be helped. Over the phone employees are to stay unagitated and gracious. If its face to face they should keep oculus contact and smiling at the clients every bit good as remain unagitated and gracious. Ensure that the clients questions are answered or a valid answer is given. The name, telephone and electronic mail reference is to be taken down of all calls and walk in clients. Employee should ever stop the conversation with thank you, adieus and bask your twenty-four hours Immediately take attention of any questions or affairs after the client has left. Selling method and hard currency up process Adventure Trek will accept hard currency, checks every bit good as recognition cards for all minutess. And the appointive secretaries or the directors will manage the banking processs weekly in order to maintain a good record of incoming gross revenues. No hard currency will be left on the cantonment after hours in order to cut down any hazards. Entree to website Adventure Treks web site is really of import as it is one of the promotional tools every bit good as a manner for clients to post questions and derive information about the cantonment. Thus the web site needs to be monitored daily by the directors every bit good as secretaries who need to look into for any new questions and respond to them within a upper limit of 48hours. Customers will besides be able to do reserves to go to the cantonment therefore it s of import that the secretaries closely monitor their electronic mails as to look out for any new reserves which they will be alerted by electronic mail. The web site is besides a good manner of detecting any feedback from campers and visitants to the web site. Reservations Reservations are strongly recommended to clients instead than walk Immigration and Naturalization Services as it may be let downing should they come without a reserve merely to larn the cantonment is to the full booked. Reservations are handled by the secretaries on responsibility. A signifier is to be filled up when a reserve is made, whether it is face to face over the phone or on the web site ( which will supply an electronic signifier to be filled up and submitted ) . It will besides function as the enrollment signifier for the camper, including all the necessary of import inside informations of both the camper and their defender. Ailments Should any ailments arise thy will instantly be attended to by either one of the directors. And action will be taken should the guilty party prevarication within Adventure Trek. Quality Assurance Procedures

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Frankenstein Quotes Explained

Frankenstein Quotes Explained The following Frankenstein quotes address the novels key themes, including the pursuit of knowledge, the power of nature, and human nature. Discover the meaning of these important passages, as well as how each quote connects to the novels broader themes. Quotes About Knowledge It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things or the inner spirit of nature and the mysterious soul of man that occupied me, still my inquiries were directed to the metaphysical, or in it highest sense, the physical secrets of the world. (Chapter 2) This statement is made by Victor Frankenstein at the start of the novel as he recounts his childhood to Captain Walton. The passage is significant for outlining the main obsession Frankensteins life: achieving intellectual enlightenment. This ambition, combined with a desire for glory, is Frankensteins driving force, motivating him to excel in his studies at university and later to create the monster. Yet, we later learn, the fruits of this labor are rotten. Frankenstein is horrified by his creation, and in turn the monster kills everyone that Frankenstein loves. Thus, Shelley seems to be asking whether such an ambition is a worthwhile goal, and whether such knowledge is truly enlightening. The â€Å"secrets† mentioned in this passage continue to appear throughout the novel. In fact, much of Frankenstein revolves around the secrets of life- things that are hard or impossible to understand. While Frankenstein discovers the physical and metaphysical secrets, his creation is obsessed with more philosophical secrets of life: what is the meaning of life? What is the purpose? Who are we? The answers to these questions are left unsolved. So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein - more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation. (Chapter 3) In this quote, Frankenstein describes his experience at university. He personifies his soul- â€Å"the soul of Frankenstein†- and claims that his soul told him he would discover the secrets of the world. This quote plainly lays out Frankensteins ambition, his hubris, and his ultimate downfall. Frankenstein seems to suggest that his desire to be the greatest pioneer of science is an innate characteristic and a predetermined fate, thus removing any responsibility over his actions. Frankensteins desire to push beyond the limits of humanity is a flawed goal that sets him on a path of misery. As soon as the creature is completed, Frankensteins beautiful dream turns into a deformed, hideous reality. Frankensteins achievement is so disturbing that he runs away from it immediately. The die is cast; I have consented to return if we are not destroyed. Thus are my hopes blasted by cowardice and indecision; I come back ignorant and disappointed. It requires more philosophy than I possess to bear this injustice with patience. (Chapter 24) Captain Walton writes these lines in a letter to his sister at the close of the novel. After listening to Frankenstein’s tale, and faced with an unrelenting storm, he decides to return home from his expedition. This conclusion demonstrates that Walton has learned from Frankensteins story. Walton was once an ambitious man in search of glory like Frankenstein. Yet through Frankenstein’s tale, Walton realizes the sacrifices that come with discovery, and he decides to prioritize his own life and the lives of his crew members over his mission. Although he says that he is filled with â€Å"cowardice† and that he comes back â€Å"disappointed† and â€Å"ignorant,† this ignorance is what saves his life. This passage returns to the theme of enlightenment, reiterating that the singleminded search for enlightenment makes a peaceful life impossible. Quotes About Nature I remembered the effect that the view of the tremendous and ever-moving glacier had produced upon my mind when I first saw it. It had then filled me with a sublime ecstasy, that gave wings to the soul, and allowed it to soar from the obscure world to light and joy. The sight of the awful and majestic in nature had indeed always the effect of solemnizing my mind and causing me to forget the passing cares of life. I determined to go without a guide, for I was well acquainted with the path, and the presence of another would destroy the solitary grandeur of the scene. (Chapter 10) In this quote, Frankenstein details his solitary trip to Montanvert to grieve the death of his brother William. The â€Å"sublime† experience of being alone in the harsh beauty of the glaciers calms Frankenstein. His love for nature and the perspective it provides is invoked throughout the novel. Nature reminds him that he is just a man, and therefore powerless to the great forces of the world. This â€Å"sublime ecstasy† gives Frankenstein a kind of enlightenment wholly different from the scientific knowledge he sought through chemistry and philosophy. HIs experiences in nature are not intellectual, but rather emotional and even religions, allowing his soul to â€Å"soar from the obscure world to light and joy.† He is reminded here of nature’s ultimate power. The â€Å"tremendous and ever-moving glacier† is more permanent than humankind will ever be; this reminder calms Frankensteins anxiety and grief. Nature allows him to experience the transcendence he hoped he would find in his search for true knowledge. Quotes About Humanity These thoughts exhilarated me and led me to apply with fresh ardour to the acquiring the art of language. My organs were indeed harsh, but supple; and although my voice was very unlike the soft music of their tones, yet I pronounced such words as I understood with tolerable ease. It was as the ass and the lap-dog; yet surely the gentle ass whose intentions were affectionate, although his manners were rude, deserved better treatment than blows and execration. (Chapter 12) In this quote, the creature relays part of his story to Frankenstein. The creature compares his experience in the De Lacey cottage to the fable of the ass and the lap-dog, in which the ass pretends to be a lap dog and gets beaten for his behavior. While living in the De Lacey cottage, strove to gain acceptance from the family despite his harsh appearance. However, the De Lacey family did not treat him with acceptance; instead, they attacked him. The creature sympathizes with the affectionate intentions of the ass and argues that the violent treatment of the gentle ass is reprehensible. The creature clearly sees a parallel to his own story. He understands that he is different from others, but his intentions are good, and he desires acceptance and approval. Tragically, he never receives the approval he yearns for, and his alienation turns him into a violent monster. This passage points to one of the novels essential points: the idea that judgment based on external appearances is unjust, but is nevertheless a tendency of human nature. The quote also raises the question of ultimate responsibility for the murders committed by the creature. Should we blame only the creature, or do those who were cruel to give him a chance to prove his humanity deserve some of the blame? I was dependent on none and related to none. The path of my departure was free, and there was none to lament my annihilation. My person was hideous and my stature gigantic. What did this mean? Who was I? What was I? Whence did I come? What was my destination? These questions continually recurred, but I was unable to solve them. (Chapter 15) In this quote, the creature asks the fundamental questions of life, death, and identity. At this point in the novel, the creature has only recently come to life, but by reading Paradise Lost and other works of literature, he has found a way to question and reflect on his life and its meaning. Unlike Frankenstein, who searches for the scientific secrets of human life, the creature asks philosophical questions about human nature. By bringing the creature to life, Frankenstein succeeds in his inquiry, but that form of scientific â€Å"enlightenment† cannot answer the creatures existential questions. This passage suggests that science can only go so far in helping us understand the world, as it cannot answer our existential and moral questions. Accursed creator! Why did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust? God, in pity, made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image; but my form is a filthy type of yours, more horrid even from the very resemblance. Satan had his companions, fellow devils, to admire and encourage him, but I am solitary and abhorred. (Chapter 15) In this quote, the creature compares himself to Adam and Frankenstein to God. According to the creature, Adam is â€Å"beautiful† and â€Å"alluring in the image of the almighty, but Frankenstein’s creation is â€Å"filthy† and â€Å"horrid.† This contrast demonstrates the stark difference between the abilities of God and the abilities of Frankenstein. Frankensteins work has been a crude attempt to wield the power of creation, and according to the creature, his hubris is rewarded with wretchedness, ugliness, and loneliness. Furthermore, Frankenstein will not take responsibility for his creation by taking the creature under his wing; thus, the creature considers himself even more solitary and abhorred than Satan. By pointing out Frankensteins folly, the creature again points out the dangers of attempting to go beyond ones own humanity by seeking God-like glory.

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Coming of Age in Mississippi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Coming of Age in Mississippi - Essay Example Through Anne’s development of virtues and faults, one gets to visualise a real picture of discrimination based on colour and gender. A reader has to fight with what the author believes in throughout the book, and gets drawn into her deeds that one can cheer when the actions are justified or shy away when someone is treated unfairly. Using her memories, the author invites the reader to imagine a young girl growing up in Mississippi. During her entire life, Moody dealt with hardships that most people could not imagine, but due to her experiences, Anne gains the heroin qualities. How Moody deals with the questions of gender in her life and in her book As Moody grows up, she notes that there are different roles and misconceptions associated with each gender and race. She realizes the way women are treated and she struggles to make sure that they do not hinder her from achieving the best she could be. In the book, she depicts her everyday life in detail as a teenage lady being brou ght up in the pre-civil rights times in the South. Her maturity and experience become tools that she utilizes to cope up with gender inequality within her society and the family to develop into a woman she desired. Through most of her youthful experiences, Moody manages the question of gender by learning its social importance on her own since her mother avoids dealing with the issue as she feels that nothing regarding the societal believes about women can be changed. The insufficiency of information on society that Moody received from her mother made her to explore even further on life issues on her own and critique the standard of that era, rather than incorporating herself into a society that seemed so unfair and disgracing. Anne Moody proudly and confidently uses her observations of the various social aspects to determine her individual identity as a tough black woman who is ready and willing to stand up for what she considers right with hopes of future success and progress for A frican Americans (Moody 280). How white supremacy affect gender related experiences among and between the black and white communities According to Moody, white supremacy restrains black women to take up certain roles in the working environments and acts as a hindrance to equal rights in terms of wages. Quality education is also given to white women at the expense of the blacks. For instance, the author argues that the only option that was availed to her uneducated mother was working as a house help for a worthless pay. This forced Anne to take the burden of working to support her family while still at school (Moody 300). It is further depicted that white women were given more respect and their rights protected more than the blacks of both genders. Meddling with the life of a white woman meant that the black person associated with the action would face serious consequences. For example, Moody says that a 14-year old black man from Chicago was murdered merely for allegedly whistling a t a young white woman. This made Moody to conclude that white supremacy was too stern that any black person could be killed simply for his or her colour. At some point in time, Moody tries to depict that whites were always superior and that their wrong deeds were not treated with serious consequences as did for male blacks. This is illustrated in the book when Moody gives a picture of her life in high school when a white police administrator was caught having a love affair with a black teenage girl. It is quite obvious in this context that the act brought them